In this age of digital information, every company should invest in the most modern IT solutions. It is important not only because of the need to maintain quality daily work organization. Sudden data loss can be bad for the company but also for customers. For this reason, cloud computing is getting more popular nowadays. Here are 5 reasons why you should store data in the cloud!

1. Scalability

Cloud-based solutions are conveniently flexible, as they can be easily modified and expanded according to the actual needs of the company. As your business is growing, you can for example storage more data without the necessity to invest in additional servers. At any moment you can define what the attributes of the cloud should be.

2. Easy accessibility and usability

Data saved in the cloud can be easily accessed on every PC with an Internet connection but also on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Thanks to that remote work is way easier and better organized for every employee – all documents are properly archived, well-ordered, and easy to find. Moreover, a platform connected to the cloud is intuitive to use, so you can conduct swift implementation. Your team can be effective any time, in every place in the world, always having access to the most important and needed data.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Popular free cloud-storage services are insufficient but maintaining your own server could be very expensive. Professional, personalized solutions delivered by trusted providers offer monthly fees that are manageable and predictable. You can easily scale resources and pay for only the used storage while significantly reducing your budget. It is certainly not worth saving on data storage solutions, but it also makes no sense to overpay.

4. Data encryption and protection

Data is one of the most valuable business assets. Cloud-based solutions provide encryption during storing and uploading/downloading. Modern security programs prevent data loss and leakage, which can be very problematic or even dangerous. Cloud operated by the European provider is fully compliant with EU standards, incl. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Clients are more likely to cooperate with companies that are fully capable of their business so they will gladly hear that their information is well protected.

5. Easy data recovery

Hardware malfunction and human errors are inevitable. Data stored in the cloud is available in a remote location from where you can access and retrieve it at any point. Cloud-based solutions are perfect for backup because they not only prevent data loss but also allow fast recovery. Dedicated hardware resources guarantee security and reliability.

A properly implemented public cloud dynamizes the operation of the entire company, shortening the time of information processing while protecting valuable data. Do you want your company to be modern and constantly developing? Choose a professional provider – CloudFerro trusted by ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, DLR etc. More information on cloud management and the full offer can be found at:


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