During squats, the rate of fat burning increases. Importantly, the body’s blood supply is improved, which becomes better oxygenated and nourished.

And that’s not all! Intensive thigh muscle training has a positive effect on the functioning of the endocrine system. How to do squats so we do them right?

The effects of doing squats

Thanks to regular exercise, the figure can change significantly in a relatively short time. The systematic exercise of squats helps to burn fat from the thighs and buttocks, improves joint mobility and creates a sense of balance.

Squats performed with a bar additionally strengthen the shoulder, trapezius and bicep muscles.

doing squats

How to do squats

The instructions below will allow you to do the correct squat step by step.

  1. Stand straight apart. The head should be an extension of the spine, eyes directed forward. Pull your stomach in.
  2. Slowly start bending your knees while pushing your hips backwards. For better balance, you can keep your arms straight in front of you. Try to keep your knees away from the toes (but if you find it difficult to keep your balance in this position, your knees may overtake your feet – it is more important not to lean too far forward). Also, make sure your feet stick to the ground. The angle between the thigh and lower leg should be a maximum of 90 degrees.
  3. Straightening your knees, return to the starting position. Pin your buttocks.

Bulgarian squats

This exercise is a great complement to classic squats. To make it, we need a bench on which we rest one leg. We squat on an oracle leg. During exercise, the torso should be perpendicular to the ground, the spine in a neutral position, eyesight directed straight ahead.

The deeper we do the squat, the more work the gluteal muscle will do.

The most common mistakes when doing squats

  • pulling the heels off the ground – this often happens when the range of motion in the ankle joint is limited. Making this mistake can lead to excessive stress in the hip, knee and lumbar spine.
  • doing squats with your torso perpendicular to the ground – it is usually associated with excessive back muscle tension. In a correctly made squat, the hips are tilted backwards, while the upper torso is forward.
  • joining the knees inside – committing this error is caused by insufficient muscle strength. It can be dangerous because it leads to damage in the knee joint. Therefore, when doing a squat, you need to remember about the correct tension of the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  • failure to maintain a neutral position of the spine – bending the back while doing a squat overloads the lumbar spine and weakens the spine extensors.

How many calories do we burn while doing squats

This of course depends on many factors:

  • training intensity,
  • body weight
  • duration.

Let’s assume that the man doing the exercise weighs 80 kilograms and will do 20 squats within 1.5 minutes. Then they would burn about 25 extra calories.


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