Rubik’s cube is a puzzle invented in the 18th century by Erno Rubik, he created it to help his students understand how space works. Today we consider Rubik’s cube as one of the most popular puzzles available in the world.

How to solve a rubix cube

Note that no matter how you turn the cube, the centers will always remain in the same position relative to each other. Based on them, we will determine what color should be on the wall. In addition to the eight centers, the cube consists of eight corners, each with three stickers and twelve edges with two stickers.

  1. Start by building a white cross, you can start with any color – however, for the tutorial, choose white. As you already know, the centers designate the color that should be on the wall, Therefore, when laying a white cross, we must pay attention to the color of the centers on the middle layer.

2. Hold the cube with yellow color upwards. Find the corner on the upper wall, which one of the walls is white. By turning the top wall, move the found corner over where it should be. Then, holding the cube with yellow color upwards, turn it so that the place for the corner is in the lower right corner of the front wall.

rubix cube

Repeat the algorithm for each corner.

3. After laying the first layer, we rotate the cube so that it is at the bottom.

Until now, laying has been simple and intuitive, which is why most people would end up doing this. The algorithm for laying the second layer will be slightly more advanced.

We will have to learn two algorithms that are their mirror images. The algorithm on the right places the edge that is on the top layer in front of the place that is on the right, on the front wall. The algorithm on the left places the edge on the left.

  1. At this stage, we will rotate the top edges to create a cross at the top. We do not pay attention to whether they are well placed, this will be dealt with in the next stages.
  1. We have a cross arranged, but the color of the edges does not match the center centers. We have to arrange them properly.

We will use algorithms that replace the front and left edges. Sometimes the opposite edges have to be swapped.

Do the algorithm once to get to the situation described earlier.

  1. We have almost finished arranging our cube. Only the corners are left to be laid, which we will separate into two stages. We will first put them in the right places, and then rotate them.

When you get to this point, look for the corner that is in its position. 

  1. At this stage, each corner is in place, but some or all of them are rotated incorrectly. To complete the cube, we perform one algorithm:

Hold the ankle so that the wrongly turned corner is at the top, front and right. Rotating only the top wall, place the next unfolded corner in place and repeat until each corner is laid.

When the algorithm is executed, the cube may look mixed up, but when we finish arranging the last corner, it will be placed.



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