Is there any way to add your outfit a little bit of sparkle instantly? Have you ever tried wearing colourful shoes? Below you will find our favourite variants that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Minimalism is the most praised aesthetics because of its versatility. Having a wardrobe filled with minimalist clothes, you can easily combine them without having everyday dilemmas. That simplifies daily preparation for work and any other activities.

The new black? Not really

Every year we hear that some colour is the new black. And it always turns out that it’s not – black always gets its crown back. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t look good in it? Us neither! Black makes the figure slimmer and fits every occasion, from the usual day at work to visit the opera. However, you can sneak some colour to your outfit without really breaking the minimalist aesthetics. How about colorful shoes?

Shoes that will define your outfit

The devil is in the details – well-chosen shoes can make your outfit special. The shoe models we present below will add that perfect finishing to the suit, but also just a simple pair of black jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Tricolour shoes from various types of leather

Tricolour pair of multi leather shoes is an option for amateurs of classic style. They are more expressive than regular plain leather shoes, but still quite classic. The combination usually includes black, brown, and grey pieces of leather, often of different textures – matte or shiny. This pair will look great combined with the most minimalist suits but also everyday outfits kept in a more official style,

Duo colour shoes with exotic leather or its imitation

Would you like some eccentric vibe to your outfit? How about sneaking some luxury vintage vibe by choosing exotic leather or its imitations? The custom mens shoes made from the combination of plain and exotic leather will make you stand out from the crowd.

Intense color shoes

And what if you went all in and chose an intense colour which will be seen even from far? There are various models available in the shops that will boost your minimalist outfit with its colour! Amaranth, lime, red – these are not for the faint-hearted! Combining them with black will result in a stunning old-school effect.

Are you having doubts about where to buy your new pair? There are various shops on the Internet, where you will find colourful shoes (bunte schuhe). The best is to try searching on platforms that distribute the products of various brands.


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