The first Tesla model was the sporty Roadster, launched in 2008. Currently, the brand offers three variants of cars: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3; all with electric drive. How much does Tesla cost?

What is Tesla

Tesla is an American brand of luxury and sports electric cars. The company name comes from the name of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian engineer, inventor of many electrical devices.

The company was founded in 2003 by Elon Musk. Work on the first model – Roadster – continued for 5 years. The project was created in cooperation with Lotus Cars. The body is very similar to the Lotus Evora while structurally based on the Elise model. In 2008 it was put into production. With its performance, the car has been matched by many a petrol-powered sports vehicle.

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Tesla models

Tesla Roadster is a groundbreaking car in terms of the perception of electric cars. First of all, Roadster differed from others in that it did not have an internal combustion engine. The car appeared on the market in 2008, although vehicle orders were accepted a year earlier.

Tesla Model 3 is the smallest car in the model range of the American company. The car premiered in 2016, and the first cars went to their owners in mid-2017. Model 3 belongs to the premium segment of the middle class. The price of model 3 ranges between $ 40,000.00 and $ 67,000.00

Tesla Model S is an electric car belonging to the upper middle class produced by the American company Tesla Motors. The car appeared in 2012 and is the second car of this brand after the Roadster model, and the first one designed entirely independently (Roadster was created in cooperation with Lotus). Tesle S is available from $ 80,000 to $ 115,000.

Tesla Model X is a fully electric van crossover manufactured by an American automotive company. The car was presented in 2012 in Los Angeles. Structurally, it draws handfuls from the Model S. Tesla Model X, in addition to technical solutions, it largely took over the design after Model S. Tesla Model X, the cost is in the order of $ 85,000.00 to $ 105,000.00.

How much does Tesla cost

Although currently the prices of the best Tesla models are very high, it’s good to remember that new products are always expensive at the beginning and cheaper as they spread. Tesla Motors announced the creation of cheaper models than Tesla 3 in the near future, so the third decade of the 21st century may become a period when electric cars will massively appear on the roads. In addition, not only Tesla operates in this area – and competition between manufacturers always results in favorable prices for customers. There is not much choice yet, but all the signs in heaven and earth indicate that this state will change soon.


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