Why Mattress Stores Are Destined To Become Obsolete In The Future!


Most brick and mortar stores are closing their proverbial shutters and struggling to stay open. It is projected that thousands more will file for bankruptcy in the coming years, but where does that leave mattress stores? You will find that any given location still has some mattress stores in operation, but the rumor is, not for long! Their business models just aren’t viable, and people are looking to get much better deals online! Below, we will discuss some of the reasons that mattress stores are bound to become obsolete in the very near future.

Stores Equal Expensive Products

Have you ever considered what it truly takes to keep a brick and mortar mattress store open? The company needs a warehouse; they need to pay for marketing and a physical location. With the ability to shop in-person, you sacrifice any potential savings you may have had. The biggest reason for the downfall of physical mattress stores is simple no one wants to pay their exorbitant prices!

The bed-in-a-box invention is innovative and significantly more affordable than any so-called designer mattress that is available for purchase in a store. Of course, most physical stores will display expensive mattresses to meet their targeted income, which means you’ll pay more! Consumers are catching on, however, and they will not stand for getting ripped off for much longer when online shopping is such a viable alternative.

No More Pushy Salespeople!

Have you been to a mattress store recently? If you have, most salespeople have desperation etched on their faces. They want to push you into purchasing a mattress that may not be within your budget or even in your best interests. It’s very hard to make a smart purchasing decision with all of the proverbial background noise attempting to sway your opinion.

The Internet is a judgment-free zone without salespeople annoying you to the brink of an expensive purchase. You can sleep on your purchase and continue to shop around in a relaxed and straightforward manner. This is yet another reason that mattress stores will no longer exist in our future!

More Options Online With Smaller Brands

Mattress stores stock their showrooms with expensive designer model mattresses that often don’t live up to their hype. All you’ll be out of are patience and money without actually getting a mattress that offers acupressure support and long-lasting comfort. The Internet allows for smaller mattress manufacturers to make their products known. You’re no longer limited to the few pricey models that you can view on the show floor. Hence, mattress stores are on their way to becoming obsolete.

When reading online about stores closing, you often feel a pang of nostalgia as you remember your happy childhood days. Shopping malls and centers are no longer what they once were, and the stores you remember from your youth are no more. Mattress stores are going extinct, but is anyone truly going to miss them? The products they sell are overpriced, and their selections are slim, so online shopping clearly has a place in modern society.


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