There are many websites that sell a wide variety of products that will never offer any type of promotion. There are several reasons why they would not use this marketing strategy that is utilized by many different companies. Promotions are often a very easy way of generating sales. You simply have to offer a discount on a product that you are selling, and this will inspire people to consider making the purchase. It’s even more effective if you have a limited number of products that will be sold at this lower price point, or if the sale has a definite deadline. However, for some companies, this is not a good strategy to use for the following reasons.

Lowers The Value Of Their Own Products

One of the reasons that companies may not offer any type of promotion is that it’s going to diminish the value of their own products. For example, if you are selling very expensive items, such as accessories for clothing, and you are one of the few that offers a particular type of item that is in high demand, there would be no reason at all to lower the price. In fact, if you did, people might believe that you are selling knockoff merchandise. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a company that almost exclusively sells one particular high-end product to never offer a discount on it.


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