The American lottery Mega Millions MegaPlier replaced The Big Game on May 17, 2002 (the first draw), which was created on August 31, 1996 (the first sale of bets), and its first draw took place on September 6, 1996. MegaMillions is one of the two largest lotteries offered in the US in almost all states (46) and the main competitor of the second interstate PowerBall PowerPlay colossus.

What are the rules of the Mega Millions lottery

Mega Millions is the second largest lottery in the United States. Only the Powerball number game is bigger than it. At the beginning of the activity, Mega Millions and Powerball competed on the market, which meant that in most states only one of the above lotteries was available. In the following years, lotteries decided to end the unhealthy competition and make both games available in all US states.

The prize pool in each draw is $ 40 million. For many lucky coupons, the guaranteed 1st prize is a million dollars or five million for a coupon with the Megaplier option. In 2012, the online lotto Mega Millions achieved a record accumulation of $ 656 million. For four years it was a world record. This pool was broken on March 30, 2012 by three lucky winners. The highest single player win was on July 8, 2016 and amounted to $ 536 million.

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How much can you win at Mega Millions

Mega Millions with a probability of winning the first prize at the level of 1: 259 million (!) Is one of the most difficult lotteries in the world, therefore unlimited accumulations of hundreds of millions of dollars are a regular opportunity here!

The tax will vary depending on where you bought the bet. When buying tickets in New Jersey, it is 30% on winnings over $ 599.50 – or in New York – 44.17% on prizes over $ 4999.50.

In the Mega Millions number game, the player is to cross out five numbers in the range 1-70 and one special digit Mega Ball from the range 1-5. One coupon per game costs $ 2, but you can also buy a more expensive coupon with the Megaplier option, which will multiply the first and second prize up to five times. Drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday. At the moment, you can only take part in the Mega Millions lottery outside the US via the Internet. Residents of the United States can also buy a form in the number game lottery.

How many numbers are in Mega Millions

Currently MEGAMILLIONS players can choose from the main numbers 5 of 75 (formerly 5 of 56) and 1 “Megaball” separate number up to 15. (Formerly 1 of 46)

The introduction of these changes in the Mega Millions lottery contributed to improving the chances of winning from 1: 40 to 1: 15 However, these recent changes make it even more difficult to win the main prize! The MegaMillions lottery also won the initial grand prize from $ 12 million to $ 15 million. In addition, the prize increases by a minimum of $ 5 million from previous draws.

The second prize is now worth $ 1 million USD. Basically, you don’t need to win a jackpot prize to become a millionaire.


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