All lotteries around the world have a common denominator: they are organized so as not to win at them. Lotteries are structured in such a way that the chance of winning is minimal. For example, in the lottery, where 6 out of 49 numbers are selected, the chance is 1 to 14 million. So this is an illusory chance, but winning is still possible. To help yourself in winning, you can use various superstitions, magic numbers or just the queen of science, or mathematics.

How to win the lottery

Buy an additional ticket

Of course, it is known that each additional coupon is an extra chance to win, but it often happens that we cross only one “box” or try the chance in a completely different draw.

Choose high numbers

Usually, players choose lower numbers based on their birthday or important life events (from 1 to 31). By choosing high numbers, you increase your chance of sharing your winnings with other players.

winning lottery

Stick to your favorite numbers

Players often wonder if it is better to delete their favorite numbers or better to let this random, computer random draw decide for us. Most of the winners have always chosen numbers themselves. The thing is that with your favorite numbers you have to play regularly, then the chance to win increases.

Count and add

Richard Lustig, who is the author of the book “Learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery,” says a bit of mathematics is most useful. If 5 numbers take part in the draw, and the highest number that can be deleted is 55, then the total sum of all deleted numbers should be in the range from 104 to 175. Lotto experts say that as much as 70% of the effectiveness of this method. 

Do not cross the pattern

Do not draw stamps or cross numbers in the shape of X or Z. Selecting numbers in this way reduces your chances of winning, because other players very often cross out the coupon in this way.

Check your coupon

If you are already taking part in the draw, check your coupon and watch it carefully. History knows such cases when the winners did not report for the prize and millions ran away from their nose. Two days before the prize expired, Jimmie Smith pulled a coupon from his shirt and saw that his coupon was worth $ 24 million.

Cross out “popular” numbers

A lecturer from Southern University has conducted research showing that the numbers 20, 37, 2, 31 and 35 “fall” most often, and in additional draws 42. Of course, the numbers change every now and then, so if you want to try this method, carefully follow each draw .

Watch the cashier

It turns out that sometimes we give the cashier our coupon to check, and at that time we go to buy a newspaper or choose the taste of chewing gum. This is a good opportunity for the salesman to change your fate and win your win. Always check the coupon yourself or make sure that no one steals your lucky coupon.


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