Hickey means something different to everybody. For some it is a form of displaying passionate feelings towards another person, while for others it is an element of a certain childishness and unsightness. Instead of hiding it under clothes or makeup, it is more effective to use methods and tricks that will allow you to get rid of them quickly. Before we begin, however, it is worth understanding what the proverbial hickey really is.

What is hickey

It has the form of a bruise, which was caused by a strong kiss. This is minor damage to blood vessels and tissues. This is manifested initially by a red shade caused by blood getting into the subcutaneous layers, with time it turns into a slightly darker or even brown shade.

How long will a hickey be visible

After what time hickey disappears? The duration of the hickey on the skin is quite an individual matter. People with a tendency to bruise will have such a souvenir after a kiss longer. Hickey usually goes off completely after a maximum of 2 weeks.

hickey visibility

How to make hickey disappeared faster

Unfortunately, there are no ways to get rid of hickey immediately. However, several solutions are known to accelerate the healing process. So what to do to make the hickey disappear? It is helpful to lubricate the kiss mark with ointment with vitamin K to prevent coagulation, i.e. the formation of clots. The ointment should be applied 2-3 times a day. Hickey can also be lubricated with peppermint oil, which improves blood circulation. It should be used no more than 2 times a day, as more frequent application may cause skin irritation. Lubrication with hickey mint toothpaste also brings positive effects. Another way to get rid of hickey is to apply a piece of banana peel that has a soothing and soothing effect.

How to make a hickey

  • puts the lips in the letter “o”, in the so-called suction cup shape,
  • puts the lips to the place where you want to do hickey,
  • gently sucks the skin for a maximum of 20-30 seconds,
  • pleasure will increase kissing, chewing, licking the skin.

Doing a hickey can be successfully practiced on yourself. It’s best to try suction and sensation on your arm.

Is it dangerous to health

Hickeys have their die-hard supporters, but also quite a large group of opponents. Some even think that hickey may be carcinogenic! Although this is complete nonsense, there are circumstances in which a small hematoma can be dangerous – it should be realized that this is, however, damage to blood vessels and tissues.

An inconspicuous hickey can turn out to be very dangerous, especially when we make it close to the carotid artery. Too strong suction or even a bite of the skin in this place can damage this vessel. As a consequence, a blood clot may form, followed by blockage, blocking the transport of blood from the heart to the brain. This situation leads to an ischemic stroke, especially people with atherosclerosis should never allow themselves to be hickey.


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